LG Shine – Still Shining

LG shine bedazzled every one and made its way to the top of the list, soon after its release. And even after staying in the market for quite a long time, LG shine remains to be a star attraction in the whole cult of fashion mobiles.

The first thing that hits the onlooker, is its external screen. It's large and includes a mirror effect. So, it not only shines brilliantly, but also helps quite a bit for last moment check of the make up. On turning the phone on, one will realize that is actually a large color screen – a cool effect indeed. And what you also see, is greasy finger prints. But since we are predominately talking about style over practicality, LG Shine should not make the users irritated. Beside, the glass front looks incredibly charming when kept clean.Unlike any other phone made of cheap plastic, the LG Shine is clad in stainless steel casing. The finish is smooth and this further adds to the shining effect of the handset. This also makes the phone a little heavier than the others, but also provides a good solid feel when held in hands. At only 14mm thick, it slips easily into a pocket. The keypad is flat and gives a RAZR like appearance. It also glows with a blue light on being activated. The 2 MP camera is wisely stationed at the back. It looks more like a cutting-edge, ultra-compact digital camera than a phone. There are many useful features like auto focus and LED photo light, and the beautiful screen also makes a perfect viewfinder for the camera. Some of the camera's more advanced settings include the ability to adjust the focus mode, set a timer, add a color effect, adjust the white balance and even take multiple pictures in quick success. There's also a very small portrait mirror.

Other features of LG Shine include a built-in memory player, WAP 2.0, MMS reader, MMS reader, WAP speaker, MMS speaker , a stop watch and Java games.

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