Nokia 6300 – A Masterstroke by Nokia

Resembling Nokia's earlier top selling model 6100, the all new Nokia 6300 is an upgraded and enhanced version of its predecessor. Touted as the next best seller, this handset incorporates appealing looks and high-tech features that the manufacturers can be proud of.

The dimension of 106.4E43.6E13.1 mm proves the compact and slim stature of the Nokia 6300. Weighting only 94 grams, the handset fits quite comfortably into your hand and pocket. The most outstanding feature of the phone is its QVGA resolution (240×320 pixels, 31×42 mm) display that is highly impressive. The 2 megapixel camera is equally useful in offering you slices of your life in great picture quality.

The in-built 7.8 Mbytes of memory and 128 Mbytes MicroSD (TM) memory card that is included in the phone's start-up kit looks enough to store all your favorite songs and videos. The connectivity options too are available in abundance in the Nokia 6300. Wireless connectivity is offered through Bluetooth that makes transfer of data an easy task between different compatible devices. The USB connection enables seamless transfer of data between the PC and the handset. Moreover, the Nokia 6300 also comes equipped with tri band technology which works over GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900, providing network coverage over the majority of the United States and Europe.

There is no dearth of entertainment features as well in the Nokia 6300 The embedded music player can play music in MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, H263 & H264 formats. The built-in FM radio feature too comes handy when you need to know the world news, latest events, as well as listen to a range of songs in different genres. Be it entertainment, business, connectivity or simple telephonic conversations, this handset proves to be a jack of all trades! With such looks and specs, this master stroke by Nokia will definitely outdoes its predecessor in terms of sale and popularity.

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